sustainable architecture - sunshine coast

Financial Advantage

Our approach to energy-efficient design is "low tech when possible, high tech if necessary". This means we base our designs on sound principles rather than relying on expensive systems to fix poor design strategies. Our approach results in value for money for our clients, low long-term maintenance costs and low environmental impact.

Capital cost of construction needs to be put into context with the typically far more expensive operating costs of a building over its useful life. A well-designed building can save at least 20-30% of energy costs, and likely much more, as compared to a ‘business-as-usual’ building of the same capital cost.

Material and component selection and detailing has a major impact on maintenance scheduling and costs and this is always considered in our work. Future-proofing ensures the building asset maintains its usefulness for the long-term, economically.


To paraphrase Bill Borson, it is important for clients to understand their budgets. The budget can be seen either as an empty bag to cram as much stuff into as possible, or it can be seen as a full bag from which things can be taken out until it is used up.

The first approach means that quality will be sacrificed for quantity. The second approach means that decisions will be based on priorities and the end result will be a nice balance; by far the more enjoyable way to approach the task and achieve the best long-term outcome: a good building that is a good investment.